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Monday, November 24, 2008

Help create and complete a fiction book...

Inviting readers/guests (you!) to participate in the writing a story, where you are encouraged to create and submit your own version of a particular chapter or chapters that will help make the story whole.

The submissions per chapter are then to be reviewed and voted for to pick the best one that fellow readers believe creates that strongest, plausible link to the previously established chapter.

Once the book is complete, the winning writers will be named its respective authors. And, hopefully, an interested publisher is willing to publish it for mass distribution.

Sounds interesting? Read on for more details by CLICKING HERE.

My Narrative: Rummaging For Love

Join me here as I chronicle every single details of my quest to find the person whom I am meant to be with for life. Learn my struggles, failures, triumphs and pain as I set off to sail away to the unknown distance. It's real. No bullshitting.

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Friday Nights at droL's...

YOU are a customer at droL's bar. Act and talk the way you usually do in real life under such circumstances. Interact with other bar regulars and newbies alike.

Still have no idea how it works?



Describe, interpret or make a composition based on what you see in the picture, either literally or figuratively. Or do your write-ups according to the specific instructions that go along with the photos.

To check it out, visit HERE now!


Loves to read and post a prose? Short story? A composition? Then you are very welcome here! Go THERE now!

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