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What's going on here...  

Monday, November 24, 2008

Help create and complete a fiction book...

Inviting readers/guests (you!) to participate in the writing a story, where you are encouraged to create and submit your own version of a particular chapter or chapters that will help make the story whole.

The submissions per chapter are then to be reviewed and voted for to pick the best one that fellow readers believe creates that strongest, plausible link to the previously established chapter.

Once the book is complete, the winning writers will be named its respective authors. And, hopefully, an interested publisher is willing to publish it for mass distribution.

Sounds interesting? Read on for more details by CLICKING HERE.

My Narrative: Rummaging For Love

Join me here as I chronicle every single details of my quest to find the person whom I am meant to be with for life. Learn my struggles, failures, triumphs and pain as I set off to sail away to the unknown distance. It's real. No bullshitting.

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Friday Nights at droL's...

YOU are a customer at droL's bar. Act and talk the way you usually do in real life under such circumstances. Interact with other bar regulars and newbies alike.

Still have no idea how it works?



Describe, interpret or make a composition based on what you see in the picture, either literally or figuratively. Or do your write-ups according to the specific instructions that go along with the photos.

To check it out, visit HERE now!


Loves to read and post a prose? Short story? A composition? Then you are very welcome here! Go THERE now!

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7 Posted Comments: to “ What's going on here...

  • Abigail Carter
    December 20, 2008 at 3:43 AM  

    Thanks! My name is actually Kathryn, Abigail is an alias I use for my blog, because it is fiction. This is my idea. It does not necessarily have to be the first chapter, but I think it would be an interesting plot development to use at some point:

    Christmas Day.

    Brianna closed her eyes. Breathing in the warm, salty air as she sat on the Glenelg foreshore she did her best to pretend that she was not alone. All around her, families were finishing their Christmas celebrations with a trip to the beach. Some were swimming, others were playing cricket. A few kids Brianna's were jetty jumping, a practice that was frowned upon by the local council. This was due to the large number of injuries that were caused by jumping. Just last year, Brianna's adopted brother Mark had died, after hitting his head on the way down. He drowned.

    Things had never been the same after that.

    "Come on Brianna!" Jodie, the unofficial leader of the group, called, her voice echoing in the wind. Her Australian accent was strong and loud. Nothing refined about an Aussie accent, Brianna thought with a smile. "Are you gonna join us or what."

    "Maybe," Brianna called back. Her own accent was a mixture. Her parents, or the people who had adopted her, as she thought of them now, were English. Poms, the locals called them. Brianna herself had been born in South Africa. She and Mark had both been adopted by a English couple who were living there at the time. When Brianna was five, they had moved to Australia. It had been a good childhood. Her adoptive parents had always been good to her.

    Until Mark died. Then everything changed.

    Her parents did not even notice her anymore, they were so busy living in their own self-contained shells of grief. There were no Christmas presents for 14 year old Brianna under the tree this year. No presents for Brianna at all, unless you counted the friendship bracelet that Jodie had given her this afternoon.


    Jodie's accent echoed through the air. "You coming!"

    Brianna walked toward the group. She watched as Jess and Peter jumped from the edge of the jetty, one after the other. Their heads appeared in the top of the ocean a moment later. "Come on, Jodie, Brianna!" Peter laughed. "The water is good."

    Jodie went next. Brianna watched as her friend fell into the ocean with a plop. Her head surfaced. "Coming Brianna?"

    Brianna swallowed. She walked to the jetty's edge. She closed her eyes. Come on, she told herself. You can do this. Who cares if I end up like Mark anyway? What does it matter if I die?

    Brianna jumped. She dived through the air and down into the cool water. She felt her hands clutch something. What was it? As she surfaced, she stared at the object in her hand. A necklace.

    ** This is the end of my entry. It is up to everyone else who they think Brianna may be, her relationship to the other characters (if any) and what she does with the necklace. However, I would like it if the necklace helps her in some way.

  • droL
    December 20, 2008 at 4:12 AM  

    Thanks for the entry, Kathryn. I can sense that this can create a poignant scene as the story progresses. And you are right, this may not necessarily be considered as the first chapter, but it might link two loose ends somewhere in the story. But of course, we don't really know it yet at this moment. We are still waiting for the other versions, and who knows, readers may find this compelling enough to be the first chapter and vote for it. Again, thank you!

  • miss ash
    December 20, 2008 at 10:54 PM  

    Hi. Actually I don't really undestand how this site works. Could you tell me more?

    By the way,thanks for visiting my blog.

  • droL
    December 21, 2008 at 7:25 AM  

    hello again!

    to answer your question, you need to read the PROLOGUE first. and from that point, you will then decide how you are going to continue the story for chapter 1 only. Then you begin writing CHAPTER 1 and submit it to my blog using the COMMENT box. Nobody really knows what the story is all about yet, and it depends on the idea of the readers, and your idea, too.

    hopefully, certain versions will be submitted for CHAPTER 1, and it will be voted then which version creates the strongest, plausible connection to the preface...same analogy and rule for the succeeding chapters....and you can still contribute for the next chapters after the present one has been chosen.

    it is up to you to introduce some characters, but well, it is obvious that the main characters are Remma and his lover (the man at the park). there are simple guidelines posted in the PREFACE post. take a look at it.

    again, thanks alot for expressing your interest.

  • TesoriTrovati
    December 22, 2008 at 11:05 PM  

    Hi Droll-
    Thanks for finding my little blog, Treasures Found. I see that we lurk in the same writing blogs. I think this is an interesting experiment you have going here! I will check back to see the developments! There is some talent on Pictures Poetry and Prose...I am certain you could get some really wonderful posts from those people. My talents lie more in the realm of poetry, but I really think this sense of community is fantastic. I also resonate very deeply with your words..."if you will just open one door for possibilities to unfold, you might discover you have actually done something, and that your talent extend far beyond you've first imagined." My point exactly! I do hope you will come back to visit my blog and share your comments. Enjoy the day!

  • droL
    April 5, 2009 at 8:50 AM  

    Hi! Just recently, I have found out that my COMMENTS section in three of my blogs are not working. I felt so bad for not checking it earlier. After some research, and thanks to Ms. Amanda's help (of Blogger Buster), I have finally found the error codes and fixed it.

    Please feel free to post your comments/messages now. Thanks!

  • Anonymous
    April 25, 2009 at 6:52 AM  

    nice blog template and a lovely prolouge !! m not too good in fiction prose writing so i will be just be a reader :)

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