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Friday Nights at droL's  

The setting: droL's Bar
The location: unknown
Time: Every Friday night. From the time the bar opens by 1800 and closes by 0200.
Cast of Characters: You and the rest of the blog readers
Topic: Just about anything
Goal: Creates a story that revolves around the bar and its customers and staff.

Here's how it works:

Pretend you are visiting a real bar, and act in it the way you normally do when you go into one in real life. Talk just about anything the way you would likely talk and say in real situation. Interact with other characters.

If this is your first time to go inside droL's, introduce yourself by creating a new character. It is up to you how you would deliver the giving of brief description about your character, which is also helpful for other casts to know you more. The second time you visit, try to remember the casts whom you had had conversation with the last time you are here. Talk to them the way you would when you see familiar faces in the bar.

Read and observe how the story/conversation proceeds or moves on. Try to stick to the situation and topic at hand, or you can turn it around craftily. But please do not create too much confusion when you do.

When you feel like talking, or it is your time to speak up, do so. For the response, please wait for other readers/guests to respond. It may take a few minutes to several hours or days, depending on the availability of visitors, and their interest to join and participate. So please be patient.

One way of keeping the pace moving and making the story flow, is spreading the word to other interested readers. Spread the word now!


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